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People, Culture, and Training

Creating an outstanding organization involves looking after your most valuable assets – your team. Setting up your employee benefits, manuals, training, and government compliance takes knowledge and experience in multiple fields.  This is even more challenging when working between cultures and different countries.  PDI can help guide you through this process or work with your in-house team directly.  Our consultants are recognized trainers and company set up specialists. 

Karen de Gucht, Head Negotiator and European Commissioner for Trade said, “just because we look similar (speaking of Europeans and Americans) doesn’t mean we are when it comes to business.” He spoke about how the cultural difference between the countries in Europe and the regions and American have to be understood for real communication and collaboration to take place. PDI couldn’t agree more. 

We have seen companies ignore the cultural differences believing them not important, only to learn over time how important they really are to the company’s success. 

PDI partners are from Sweden, England, India, and the USA. All have worked in other countries and other cultures for years. We can help you and your team overcome some of the differences, improve communication, and speed up collaboration to achieve mutual goals.